The Paley Center For Media

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25 W 52nd St, NY
(212) 621-6600
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    Fifth Avenue
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    47th–50th Streets – Rockefeller Center

The Paley Center For Media

Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm

             Thursday 12 pm to 8 pm


Founded in 1975, called the Museum of Television and Radio (MT & R), but with the advancement of technology such as the internet, cellular and podcasting, an institution created more in line with these developments and thus was born Paley Center for Media, in honor of his founder William S. Paley, his philosophy was to show the public the cultural and social significance of the media.

The Museum is composed of 12 rooms including two theaters, a radio studio, a listening room radio programs three video rooms, a library, three conference drawing and photography and a shop.

Collections and exhibitions: The Museum can choose from over 150 thousand files television and radio ads published from 1920 to the present. You have the option to choose between programs that interest you to see or hear them on special consoles. If you give click here you can view the programs currently shown.

Performed regularly talks with senior people TV channels, radio stations or media entertainment, if you are interested you can view your calendar by clicking here.

Tickets: You can check the cost of the ticket by clicking here.

Our advice:

  • To enjoy this museum is a must master English.
  • Photographs are not allowed, nor the entry of food and drink on the premises.