Dyckman Farmhouse

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4881 Broadway, NY, 10034
(212) 304-9422
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    207th Street

Dyckman Farmhouse

Schedule: Thursday - Saturday 11AM - 4pm

                  Sunday 11pm - 3pm

Winter hours: Friday - Saturday 11AM - 4pm


The Dyckman Farmhouse Museum is a farmhouse of Dutch colonial style. It was built in 1784 and reflects that period of history, being the oldest building in Manhattan today. It was originally part of hundreds of hectares of farmland. Today it is in a small park and is a remarkable reminder of the principles of Manhattan and a part amount of the diversity of the city.

It has 7 bedrooms preserved including a main room, bedroom, basement, kitchen, a living room full of ancient artifacts, the house is surrounded by a garden.

It is a historical monument of New York since 1967 ensuring their survival for future generations.

Entry: You can pay what you want.

Our advice:

  • Food and drinks can not be consumed inside the house.
  • Not make or receive calls on the premises, turn off your phone or activate the silent mode.
  • The use of photographs without flash is allowed.