New York Police Museum

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New York Police Museum

Hours: Currently closed (It is undergoing renovation)


The Police Museum New York is located in a former police station, dedicated to preserving and displaying the long history of the Police Department of the city, being the largest and most famous of the world police body.

The museum strives to be an accessible resource for all communities in the city of New York. Through its exhibitions, collections and educational programs, illustrates how the policies and culture of the NYPD have evolved over time to meet the changing needs of the City. The museum serves as an educational institution, living memorial, and bridge of understanding between the different communities in New York, the international community and the Police Department.

It is slightly larger than its counterpart, The Fire Museum New York City, but has the same type of exposures.

Exhibitions: It has an exhibition dedicated to 9/11, where we see the melting weapons of policemen who died in the towers, along with photographs and videos that tell the true hell that lived that day.

We found a collection of classic weapons along with narratives of the terrible stories of criminals to which belonged, along with elements that show the development of police history in time, such as uniforms, badges, medals, motorcycles and patrol cars.

Tickets: The Museum currently on reforms.

Our advice:

  • The museum is an entertaining and pleasant, although not listed as a must if you are near is a good place to meet and learn, their journey takes no more than half an hour.